From the Western Arctic to the Bay of Bengal : Fishy Tales from Around the World

This exciting exhibition brings together fishing communities from Canada, India, Scotland and Portugal through the use of information technology to explore what unites and what defines unique fishing communities and cultures across the world.

Trout Lake fisherman

Dolphus Jumbo at Trout Lake

The project has been spearheaded by the University of Dundee where a number of researchers are collaborating in the "tales of things project".  The researchers have visited remote communities and investigated how they can incorporate technology to improve their lives without sacrificing their identities. Indeed, one of the findings of this project is that identities can be strengthened and increasingly valued through the use of technology to record and share their individual characteristics.

"Tales of Things" is an exciting tool that allows users to attach memories to their objects in the form of video, text or audio. Users can quickly “tag” their objects by using QR codes with stories and connect to other people who share similar experiences. It is hoped that this will enable future generations to have a greater understanding of the object’s past and offers a new way of preserving social history.

The exhibition contains examples of objects, stories and recordings from the communities visited.  You can access these via a smart phone as you tour the exhibition (for those who do not have their own, please ask at Reception where there will be some available to borrow in return for a deposit).Trout Lake fish print


Dates: 20 October 2012 - 3 February 2013

Open: Mon - Sat : 10 - 4.30, Sun : 12 - 4.30

Venue: Exhibition Room

Admissions: entry is included in the normal Museum admission charge (free to members)

For more information contact 01333 310628 or

For more information on the project, download the information file.