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Sea Change

24 January - 21 June 2020

 -  by Linda Fitzpatrick Exhibitions Exhibitions Featured

Sea Change
Sea Change

how do we safeguard the future of our seas?

How does the climate emergency affect our seas? What can we do about plastics in the ocean? Which fish should we eat? How can we take action?

To celebrate its 50th anniversary and the Year of Coasts and Waters, the Scottish Fisheries Museum looks to the future to explore what the seas, and the fishing industry, will be like 50 years from now, in 2070. We have worked with partners from across the fishing industry and marine science and industry to create an exhibition that seeks to identify and address the burning issues facing the seas today and into the future.

Using fun interactives and touchscreen gaming we explore three main themes:

  • The changing sea – effects of climate change on fish and the marine environment
  • Future fishing technology – developments in boat and gear design and their impacts
  • People and the sea – who uses the sea, what for, for whom and who decides

On display we also have the latest in fishing gear technology and lots of ideas of how we can all play our part to create healthier seas for today and for the future.

24 January—21 June 2020

Listen to our Sea Change podcast series that accompanies the exhibition. Podcasts are released monthly and are available at:



This podcast asks a selection of the most knowledgeable people their thoughts on the current situations facing our seas, and what they think the future looks like. This month we hear from Rob Kynoch.

Read the Podcast No. 1 Ian Boyd Transcript or listen to the conversation online.

Read the Podcast No. 2 Richard Shelton Transcript or listen to the conversation online.

Read the Podcast No. 3 Rob Kynoch Transcript or listen to the conversation online.

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